Our Mission

The Authority seeks to protect underground facilities of owners in the State of Maryland from destruction, damage or dislocation to prevent:

  • death or injury to individuals;
  • property damage to private and public property; and
  • the loss of services provided to the general public.
To accomplish this, the Authority seeks to promote, enhance, and assist the State of Maryland in furthering and enforcing the Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Law and programs through efforts that include consistent enforcement, effective public education, and the constant knowledge that public safety through reduced damages is our prime concern.
The New Maryland "Miss Utility" Law is Now in Effect!!!

Title XII of the Maryland Public Utilities article is the governing document for protecting our state's vital underground facilities,
as well as to insure the safety of the public and all those who work in the underground utility industry.
It is the law in Maryland and applies to anyone who intends to dig or disturb the earth or demolish any type of structure.

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New Title XII Law

The Authority is subject to the Maryland Open Meetings Act. All meetings and hearings, with the exception of closed closed executive sessions are open to the public. Authority meetings are advertised in advance through the Maryland Department of Legislative Services.


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Report to the Governor

Each January, the Authority is required by Statute to present to the Governor of Maryland
and the Presiding Officers of the Maryland House of Delegates and the Senate
a report of the previous year's activities and an overview of the coming year's goals.

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