Operating Practices

of the

Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority

(“The Authority”)

Warning Letters 1.0


  1. Upon the receipt of a complaint regarding a possible violation of the Title XII statue. The Executive Director will conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if complaint has validity.


  1. The Executive Director will inform the members of the Authority of the complaint at the next scheduled meeting, so that they may determine if further action is warranted.


  1. If the Authority deems further action is required, the Executive director will send a warning letter to the company in question (sample attached).


  1. A record of this action will be made and noted in the Case Management System (CSM) for future reference.


  1. Adjustments will be made to the Intent (“Good Faith”) of Violator and Past History sections of the Standardized Fining Matrix (SFM) to reflect the issuance of warning letters.


  1. Should a previously warned company have a formal NPV filed against them within the preceding three (3) years, the warning letter will be added to the NPV file and will be taken into consideration, when the Authority makes its Recommendation.


  1. Official Warnings with no follow-on violations, will be expunged after three (3) years.



November 2, 2019